Top Reasons to Visit A New Way To Market

 Taste real flavors of fruits and vegetables. There is no doubt that locally grown foods just simply taste better.

 Meet the farmers and producers who grow and make your food. You can ask for advice on how to prepare an item or when it was picked!

 Protect the environment. The closer the farm, the better. Less transportation waste is used in getting your food to you!

Access to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Sign up for one of three sizes filled with a variety of vegetables that vary in type depending on the time and conditions of the growing season. Limited quantities available.

 Support Small Businesses
Yes, farmers and food producers are small businesses. By supporting the farmers, artists, bakers, and other vendors, you support our local economy.

 Treat your senses! All five senses will enjoy a trip to our market. We especially enjoy the smells of fresh foods!

 KPM2GO! Short on time or can’t visit our market to do your shopping this week?  Shop online and pick up your bags with ease – Truly a NEW way to market.

 Food Court & Beverage Bar
Way better than a mall, our market offers freshly prepared gourmet foods and both alcoholic and family friendly drinks.

 Fast Food – But Better!
Pick up something such as tamales, empanadas or tasty plant-based foods and you have a quick supper tonight!

 Gifts that Keep Giving
Find a perfect gift for someone special in life and know it was made locally, with love, talent, and expert skill.

 Close and plentiful Parking
Reserved spaces for seniors and people with disabilities, plus ample parking spots within reasonable distance for everyone looking to shop.

 Connect with the Community
Even when being COVID-Conscious, it is nice to see friends out and about. Our market is the place to see people and enjoy getting out in a safe way.

 Happy Vendors and Satisfied Customers
When it comes to relationships, mutual respect is very important to us! We have loyal vendors and shoppers alike.

 And in case you needed a couple more reasons….We love fur babies and our market is fun!


 In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to think about where our food comes from, let alone who grew it or how it was grown. At Kenosha Public Market, we reconnect our community to the food system, making shoppers more informed and suppliers more prepared. Details and people are important. That is why our market also accepts SNAP and WIC benefits for qualifying purchases.

Our community market is a place where farmers, food producers, and neighbors meet to socialize and exchange ideas around agriculture, cooking, nutrition, and the sense of togetherness that food creates. Food naturally brings people together and we want to make it accessible to everyone.

Our community market engages customers in conversation, provides a meeting place for neighbors to have lunch in a welcoming and safe atmosphere with family and friends, and to support each other by shopping locally. As we navigate our new normal, we will continue to add amenities for you to enjoy.

Our community market fosters interactions among people of different race, class, age, and lifestyle. This is YOUR COMMUNITY MARKET. The values of Kenosha Public Market are rooted in the belief that it is important for businesses big and small to be inclusive, diverse, accessible, and transparent. That is one part of our NEW WAY TO MARKET. Together, we hope to make our community a little better through fellowship, food and fun!

Kenosha Public Market – Laura Belsky

Visit the Kenosha Public Market
Indoor Winter Market at Vault banquet Hall 625 57th Street
Scheduled thru May 1st 10:am – 2pm
Outdoor Summer Market at Municipal Parking Lot & Veterans Park – starts May 8th till October 30th 8:30am to 9am for seniors and people with disabilities.
9am to 2:30pm for the general public
Website Kenoshapublicmarkets
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(This article first appeared in the Downtown Kenosha Magazine Vol.14 Issue 1. 2021)
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