Life & Balance

Life & Balance

Carolyn Serpe is a Kenosha native who’s family owns The Lettering Machine in Downtown Kenosha. She has been manager for the shop since her parents purchased it from the previous owners back in 2002. Carolyn is a Mom to 3 beautiful girls and a wife for 10 years to her handsome husband Chris.

Welcome to her crazy journey in life and read all about how she tries to balance it all.

Excited to Join the Team!

Happy New Year Kenosha!! I am super excited to be joining this great group of bloggers for the year. Hope you find some entertainment, and maybe comfort, in the randomness that you will find here as I am literally all over the place 🙂

Where do I even begin…

I am Carolyn (Chatmon) Serpe. Mother to Clara (9), Callie (7), Charlie (3) and our puppy, Chase (1). I have a wonderful Husband, Chris, and we have been married for 10 years, this year!

I have always loved Kenosha, but like many of us, didn’t realize it till I went away for a while. After high school, I moved to Milwaukee for 6 years, went to College and worked. Once I re-met Chris (that is a super cute story for another post), I moved back to my roots and fell in love with my hometown.

Here in Kenosha, I work for The Lettering Machine. My parents, Dave & Tina Chatmon, have owned the shop since 2002, and I started full time with them back in 2007. My time with the shop has put me through all types of responsibilities and roles. Right now as manager, I get to be a part of everything. Even though I love being involved, working with my Mom and Dad is by far the best part of my job.

Our shop has grown so much over the past 19 years and continues to grow with each year. It amazes us how the shop can bring people together and help in so many ways. We have met a variety of different people, some of which have become our closest friends. Kenosha is such a place of belonging, family, community and love.

Throughout my blog posts, expect to be thrown all over the place. I am interested in such a plethora of things and I can’t wait to spew thoughts and stories and photos! From sports, to camping, to family time and work, oh yea…don’t forget fitting that friend time in there. My family supports

local and loves local, so some of our favorite places in town will pop up as well.

So sit down with a glass of wine and lets see what 2021 brings us!

– Carolyn Serpe
The Lettering Machine is located at 720 – 56th Street in Kenosha, WI
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