A long love for downtown has brought a lifetime of experience for Ben Trecroci

A long love for downtown has brought a lifetime of experience for Ben Trecroci

With over 50 years in the real estate game, it’s safe to say Frank Trecroci from Trecroci Realty has seen just about everything… and then 2020 came along. We all know the story this year, but that has not stopped Trecroci Realty!

“With everything going on, we really haven’t seen that much of a slowdown in activity Downtown and elsewhere in the city when it comes to commercial and especially residential,” said Trecroci. “I think things will pick up evenmore by the time next year rolls around.” 

Ben Trecroci,who is following in Frank’s footsteps by recently acquiring his Real Estate Broker’s License has literally grown up inside many of the buildings Downtown Kenosha. “Back in the late 80’s-Early 90’s my Dad owned a number of buildings downtown. While there were some really nice businesses back then, after about 6pm it was basically a ghost town down here,”explained Ben. “Me and my sisters used to run around after hours inside the old Kresge’s Building (5722 6th Ave) when it was the Gazebo Cafe and see what kinda trouble we could get into exploring all over the place.” Recently the Kresge’s Building has been sold to the Witco Development Corporation, who also were at the helm of the redeveloped Public Craft Brewing inside the former Barden’s building at 628 58th St.

“The Kresge building was honestly in really bad shape and after seeing how they fixed up the Barden’s building can’t wait to see how it’s going to turn out” exclaimed Ben. Trecroci Realty has been Downtown Kenosha since 2000 when things were just really starting to change from the days of the pedestrian mall to the Lake Michigan Marina to Harbor Park Condo Development to great new restaurants,retail stores and will continue to be Downtown’s Real Estate Office no matter what 2020 thinks it can throw at all of us!

Article written by Ben Trecroci of Trecroci Realty
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(This article first appeared in the Downtown Kenosha Magazine Vol.13  Issue 4 2020/21)