Shop Local. Support Local – Vintage Underground

Shop Local. Support Local – Vintage Underground

Supporting & shopping local at Vintage Underground  is one of the many ways that you can give back to the community. In todays climate small businesses need you more than ever,  In this series of Q&A’s we get to know some of the local business owners and what their businesses have to offer.

Stacy Juga, Vintage Underground – 5817 6th Ave.

Q. How did you get your idea or concept for the business? 
A. I started out just helping a friend sell some antique items on Facebook. I told a couple friends about it and next thing you know other people are asking me to sell items for them and it just kept growing from there.

Q. What products and services do you provide?
A. I own an Antique and vintage store. I would say 98% of the items are exactly that. There are not many antique stores in town and people like the feeling of going back in time when they walk in. We also provide great items for the generation of eclectic decorating.

Q. What do you love about Downtown Kenosha?
A. I love the strong sense of community downtown. There are a lot of different businesses but we all look out for and promote each other.

Q. How would you describe your business?
A. I would say we have a great variety of items from 1908 forward. I always say, “If we don”t have what you are looking for I am sure we can find it.”

Q. What do you offer that stands out from other shops?
A. My shop is different because I believe I provide not only great stuff ,but also great memories. Many customers say. “I remember that at my grandma’s house.” I love providing that step back.

Vintage Underground
5817 6th Ave.
Check them out on Facebook here Vintage Underground Kenosha

Q&A, Photos, Concept by Donny Stancato
Edited by Jason Hedman
(This appears in the Downtown Kenosha Magazine Vol.13 #4 2020/21