Shop Local, Support Local – To & From Gift Shop

Shop Local, Support Local – To & From Gift Shop

To & From is an eclectic gift shop in Downtown Kenosha offering unique and spirited items for every personality, including accessories, housewares, greeting cards, apparel, and more.

Supporting & shopping local is one of the many ways that you can give back to the community. In todays climate small businesses need you more than ever,  In this series of Q&A’s we get to know some of the local business owners and what their businesses have to offer.

Sam Unrath – To & From Gift Shop, 5535 Sixth Ave

Q. How did you get your idea or concept for the business? 
A. Before opening To & From Gift Shop I owned an appraisal company with my sister. When we traveled we would always bring gifts back for our family- stopping at several places to find everyone the perfect gift. On a trip I had told my sister if I ever were to open a gift shop I would want it to be a one stop shop where there were a variety of items for almost everyone and in every price range. This way you can get everyone something at once and not break the bank.

Q. What products and services do you provide?
A. When I say we have everything I really mean pretty much close to everything. T-shirt’s, candles, pens, decor, snacks, dish towels, art, greeting cards and a room full of swear-wordy goods. We also can add tissue paper to any gift so you are ready to gift give the minute you leave

Q. What do you love about Downtown Kenosha?
A. Downtown has so much to offer from retail and restaurants – and watching downtown grow has been so exciting. I cannot wait to see what else pops up down here.

Q. How would you describe your business?
A. We are an eclectic gift shop in Downtown Kenosha offering unique and spirited items for every personality including accessories, housewares, apparel and more.

Q. What do you offer that stands out from other shops?
A. I can honestly say all of our retail shops downtown are amazing, unique and offer so much. I would say the way we stand out is our #cusscloset- a secret room in the back of the shop that is full of our slightly inappropriate gifts.

To & From Gift Shop
5535 Sixth Ave

Q&A, Photos, Concept by Donny Stancato
Edited by Jason Hedman
(This appears in the Downtown Kenosha Magazine Vol.13 #4 2020/21