Hemp to the Rescue!

Hemp to the Rescue!

by Mark Wistar, owner, House of Nutrition
5824 Sixth Avenue
(262) 652-4787

We have been selling the Hemp Rescue brand for over two years.  The team at Hemp Rescue always strive to deliver the highest grade of CBD products and also educate the public so they can make the best product choices.  The product development team just released the second generation of Hemp Rescue.  They improved the product by enhancing the array of cannabinoid’s in their formula providing a CBD product unlike any other in the industry.

The formulators discovered rare cannabinoids CBT, CBL, CBE that nobody else is using. These are now part of the all Organic Hemp Rescue enhanced product line.

They also developed a formula to be taken in the AM to provide energy without a crash so it is great to use during a workout session.  Hemp Rescue Ultra Energy+ will not only give you increased energy but reduce inflammation so it is absolutely great for your exercise routine.

The Hemp Rescue CBD cream also has a higher number of terpenes cannabinoids. The cream has been reported to have almost instant results when applied.

• Hemp Rescue currently boasts the highest Terpene to Cannabinoid Ratio in the industry.  Terpenes, the true drivers of Bioavailability allow MORE of the plant to have therapeutic benefit.

• Our Ultra energy + formula has 20% more Cannabinoid Acids such as CBGA, CBDA, CBCA, and others.   These create a powerful naturally stimulating effect and are great to use in the morning or for working out!

• Hemp Rescue possesses Omega 3, 6, and 9 Oils, which are integral to your body’s well being.

• Hemp Rescue contains not only CBD, but 10 other POWERFUL cannabinoids that make our entourage effect one of the strongest you can find.

COVID-19 and CBD

New research at the University of Maryland School of Medicine is investigating how CBD oil may reduce the effects of COVID-19.  CBD has anti-viral properties along with a proven ability to reduce acute inflammation which could make it a strong defense to the virus.

Since we have such a large following for the original formula Hemp Rescue,  we decided to continue to carry Organic Hemp Rescue Original  as well.

New lower price

The really good news is that due to increased buying power, we were able to lower the price of Hemp Rescue Original and Enhanced formula across the board.  You can now buy either the Hemp Rescue you know and love or the enhanced formula and save money.

The state of Wisconsin is world renowned for its agriculture.  Among the high quality crops Wisconsin grows are wild rice, ginseng and hemp.  During the last century Wisconsin led the country in hemp production.   We have always strived to carry a variety of locally sourced products at the House of Nutrition and we found a perfect fit with locally grown Somers Harvest CBD products grown by 5th generation farmer, Joe Smith at Jerry Smith Farm.   The Hemp CBD industry is still young in Wisconsin so we wanted to find a product from a truly seasoned farm professional.  The Smith family went to great lengths to find the right strains of hemp to cultivate in our amazing Wisconsin soil.

We carry regular, mint and cinnamon CBD oil along with CBD muscle gel, hemp powder (for smoothies) and pet treats.  One of my favorites is the muscle gel which provides a cooling sensation.

If you have not shopped at House of Nutrition before, make sure to join our rewards program as you receive $20.00 back once you hit your rewards target.  Seniors, Veterans, Police and Healthcare workers all get 10% off  supplements including CBD.

(This story originally appears the print version of the Summer/Fall 2020 issue of Downtown Kenosha Magazine)