A Cut Above The Rest-Exclusive Q&A w/ Faded Barbershop For Men

A Cut Above The Rest-Exclusive Q&A w/ Faded Barbershop For Men

A Cut Above The Rest

Looking for that old school barbershop with a hip new vibe?  Well, it’s Faded Barbershop for Men, located in the former Andrea’s barbershop at 2227 63rd St in Uptown Kenosha. We sit down with the owners, Boda Martin & Tricia Betancourt, for this exclusive Q&A.

Q. Take us back to 2018 and tell us how you both decided on opening up a barbershop together.

A. (Boda) I was bartending at tg’s when Pete, who used to own Pete’s Place, came in and told me his friend had purchased a barber shop and that I should work there. Tricia had already opened Faded while renting a booth from Marty (Hair by Marty), so I called her and we got together, worked out all the details and decided to partner up. 

Q. How many years of experience do you have in cutting/styling hair? 

A. Around 13 years and we both graduated from Salon Professional Academy.

Q. How often should someone get a haircut?

A. Depends on the haircut or the person. We have customers that come once a week and some once a year. I’d say average is 4-6 weeks.

Q. Can you tell us some of the local celebrities that come in and get a haircut?

A. Really there are so many, but a few would be the Mayor, State Rep. Tip McGuire, Lou Rugani, County Supervisor and the man behind Garden of Eatin Andy Berg, County Supervisor and man behind the scenes/owner of Kindermusik Daniel Gaschke, Don Miller of Fusion, Larry Procko of Procko Funeral Home, Steve Casey of Casey Family Options, Bill Serritella, Jim Tostrud, Donny Stancato and Jason Hedman of The Happenings magazine… just too many, we love them all!! 

Q.Is it ok to show a barber a picture of what kind of haircut you want?

A. Absolutely

Q. Biggest tip you’ve ever received?

A. We always get spoiled for Christmas. 

Q.  You’ve been one of the most successful business in the uptown area and there is a lot of potential in the area. How do we get people to start seeing uptown in the same way as Downtown Kenosha? And how do you think that can be achieved?

A. (Boda) I think Uptown needs more. It doesn’t have that draw that Downtown has. It doesn’t have the breweries or Coffee shops/restaurants that make people want to come out on a weekend and venture from one to the other. We’re happy to have our new neighbors, The Play Space and our friends at Bellissima’s Boutique.

Q. Is it true you have a vintage pinball machine for customers to play?

A. Yes we do! And it’s free to play!

Q. Frank and Lou Andrea previous operated Andreas Barber Shop for 70 years in your current location. Do you get any of their old clientele?

A. We do! They are so full of history and old stories about the neighborhood and the shop. I’m grateful they stayed with us!

Q. What is an average day like at Faded Barbershop for Men? 

A. We could do anywhere from 10-20 haircuts each. 

Q. What hair product lines do you carry?

A. Suavecito is our favorite. 

Q. What changes have you made to keep yourself and your customers safe from Covid-19?

A. This industry has always been very sanitary so really just keeping up with it. Making sure ever customer gets a clean cape, sanitizing EVERYTHING after each customer, washing our hands in between. We take the laundry home every night to wash.

Q. As a women owned barbershop, what advice can you give to other women who are trying to start their own business?

A. Go for it! You’ll regret never at least trying.

Q. What makes Faded Barbershop stand out from all the other barbershops in the area?

A. (Tricia) The barbering industry is forever changing!  It’s really important to us to keep a classic barbershop feel while still incorporating some great “modern” twists.  Our haircuts include a neck shave, shampoo, and old school motorized shoulder massage.  Our straight shave is no quick service, we really pride ourselves on a long relaxing shave, filled with hot towels and a few different products.

For us it’s not just about the service either, a family atmosphere is really important. We love all our clients, from 6 months to 93 years old,  and from all walks of life.  We strive to keep everyone comfortable while in our chair. From the music to the conversations, it’s a shop for all.

Q. What’s next for Faded Barbershop for Men?

A. I think 2021 will bring some new changes for us but nothing drastic. We are happy with the direction the business is going.

Faded Barbershop for Men is located in uptown Kenosha 2227 63rd St.
Open Tuesday- Saturday by appointments only
Book your next cut today by texting or calling
Boda Martin – 262-220-5332
Tricia Betancourt – 262-612.9354
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Concept, photos & Q&A by Donny Stancato
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