5 Minute Chat – Anytime Fitness

5 Minute Chat – Anytime Fitness

With trainer Mark Trecroci & owners Louie & Jessica Arecco of Anytime Fitness

Why did you pick Downtown Kenosha for your location? 

Downtown needed a health club. When we came around looking in 2006 we asked people what they want to see come to Downtown. We heard health club and grocery store. We found a health club to be interesting, so we studied every health club we could find and built our business the best way we could.

What do you like to see in new members of Anytime Fitness?

In general, it’s inspiring to see people come in and take on some of these classes – they start out a little clumsy, they don’t know the machines, they don’t know the steps in the classes. But to see their determination and see them grow and learn and excel – it’s amazing. Helping others summon that strength and fine tuning themselves to accomplish their goals is our success. 

How does someone get started with a membership?

Visit our website (www.anytimefitness.com) and schedule a tour. We can help you find your goals and take the steps to accomplish them. We understand that you need a program to succeed – we don’t want you to wander around aimlessly, we will help you develop a program that works for you.

What other steps can one take to ensure success?

The #1 key is accountability. We are a group that cares for your success. We want you to be happy with your membership. We want you to stay connected – keep involved and we will be here to give you that support we all need.

What makes your gym stand out from the others in town?

I don’t think it’s a matter of ‘standing out,’ I think it’s a matter of matching your target market. Just like restaurants have their target market – fine dining, fast food, vegan, whatever. Health clubs have that target market too. There is a health club for teenagers, a health club for families, a health club for muscleheads. We cater to the target market of busy adults – people who don’t want to deal with families, people who don’t want a PhD in physical education science – they want to learn the basics and they appreciate the accountability component.  

Our success story is our attempt to change Kenosha from a fish-fry, let’s-sit-down-and-have-a-beer kind of town to a city of people who can enjoy themselves and be participators in life rather than spectators.

Anytime Fitness is located at 611 56th Street, 3rd floor, (262) 612-3155. Click here to LIKE Anytime Fitness on Facebook.

Photo & interview conducted by Donny Stancato
Edited by Jason Hedman

This story originally appeared in the Downtown Kenosha magazine Vol.12 issue 2. 2019