My Story – Bisou Lingerie

My Story – Bisou Lingerie

“It’s time to stand in our curves! Women need to feel good. Feeling sexy is empowering and boosts confidence!” – Sherry Ludwig

How did I get started in this? Well, I was a corporate sales manager for 25 years at a local electronics manufacturer. I, like many others, got caught up in the economic downturn and was put out to pasture at age 50.

So, I decided to open a ladies’ shop in Downtown Kenosha. There were plenty of men’s stores, but nowhere for the women to shop. I planned to open a high-end resale shop. With the poor economy, used clothes was a hot commodity back in 2009. In April of 2009, I teamed up with Pat Youngberg and opened our resale shop, Coco’s Attic on Sixth Avenue. About three of four years into it, Pat was no longer interested, so I became the sole proprietor.

As a resale and consignment shop, it was exciting to work with so many people in the community, but we weren’t making much money. The treasure hunt of finding used items was falling – social media was on the rise, and more and more people were simply buying and selling used items on their phones instead of going out and shopping.

I was looking for something different. I noticed women were coming in and complaining about their bodies, and how they look and I thought, ‘What these ladies really need is a good foundation.’ I had previously been to Europe and was awestruck with their beautiful lingerie. My husband came up with the idea of selling lingerie in our shop. Initially, I didn’t think it would work.

In 2014, I decided to give it a shot. I had a small table set up in the back of the store with these European lingerie items. At first, people would be a little apprehensive – selling used clothes in one side of the store, I would often get the question, ‘Is this used lingerie?’ But women began to try it, and they fell in love, and it grew and grew. Two and a half years later, the lingerie store was taking over the resale part of the shop and we began to phase out the resale items.

We loaded up on stock of various sizes, and I learned the tricks and tips of bra-fitting. We found our current location two years ago, and feel we cater to an underserved market. These ladies used to travel to Milwaukee or Chicago for a proper fitting and undergarment purchase, now they have this right here in Downtown Kenosha.

We carry international, high-quality brands – you get what you pay for. We make sure every customer gets the best fit possible. I am proud to call myself and my staff ‘bra fit experts.’ Nobody will leave here with a bad fitting bra, it’s amazing how many women come in here and realize they have been wearing the wrong size bra all their lives. We cater to anyone looking for that right fit – this is a judgment-free zone 100%, everyone is welcome! We’re not selling sex, we are selling foundations that are beautiful. Stop in and say hi and see what we have for you.

By Sherry Ludwig,
owner and operator of
Bisou Lingerie, 635 58th St.,
(262) 653-0112

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Interview & edited by Jason Hedman

This story originally appeared in the
Downtown Kenosha Magazine, 2019 Vol.12 Issue 1.