Steps to Wellness with Becky Damnjanovic

Steps to Wellness with Becky Damnjanovic

Becky Damnjanovic is a Writer and a Photographer in her spare time.

As a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, mother, wife, gym junkie, volleyball player and health nut, it may seem time would be a challenge for this busy working mom. New challenges and knowledge are what keep her moving forward. She truly enjoys life and embraces it daily! 

How To Stay Ahead of the Virus This Season
(This article originally appeared in The Smart Reader, October 4th, 2019)

Howling winds and the bitter cold are just around the corner which means our immune systems will need some extra love and attention.  Living in the Midwest exposes us to dreadful winters that drag on for months.  Our short summers and long winters can sometimes take a toll on our immune systems.  

Cutting off daily exposure to the sun diminishes our natural vitamin D levels.  Luckily vitamin D deficiency is becoming more recognized every day.  Although, what about less recognized supplements that have special powers too?  We hold many key immune system enhancers at the House of Nutrition and Wellness. These products can help boost the immune system, resulting in a healthier and happier you, during the colder months. 

The supplements that we carry have been selected to ensure our customers are receiving good quality “body boosters”.  Below are a few prime enhancers you should be sure to stop in and check out.

Tri-Immune is the perfect blend of three of the most effective immunity supplements of all times.  Olive Leaf, Arabinogalactans and Andrographis all contain immune strengthening properties that make for a powerful natural defense.  This trio possesses super antioxidant support (which is known to advance the healing ability of the body), aids in digestion (helping restore the gastrointestinal tract balance) and promotes healthy regulation of body temperature.  This investment will be sure to give you the boost!

Zinc- More than 2 billion people are zinc deficient and don’t even know it.  By replenishing the zinc levels our T cells (which act as soldiers of the immune system) hunt and destroy germs and or cancer cells.   

Bacteril is a specifically selected product that combines cinnamon, thyme, clove and oregano oils.  The oils have been merged with olive oil resulting in healthy bacterial balance to help optimize the immune system.  

Garlic! The healing properties of garlic are even stronger than its smell.  Known for having antimicrobial activity, supporting liver function and potential to detoxify this supplement is a must have in every wellness cabinet. 

Elderberry is a significant flu and cold stopper that is full of natural vitamin C along with high levels of antioxidants.  Safe and tasty, the whole family can use it daily or in larger doses when needed to fight off any cold or flu. 

Flame Cider is a traditional immune system and digestive stimulator. Created and crafted by a local herbalist and medicine maker.  This item is one of a kind!  Founder, Kyle Denton, prides himself on working with local farms, orchards and beekeepers to provide us with fresh and nourishing products.  

Be proactive this winter, don’t give the cold a chance to tear you down. Become immune strong and stay protected.  Cover the basics by staying hydrated, warm and well rested.  We can help with the rest.  Offering supplements, teas, homeopathic remedies, healthy food choices and much more.  Don’t battle this cold and flu season alone.  Come visit us at the House of Nutrition and Wellness, we can’t wait to share our knowledge and goods with you.