What now-closed Downtown Kenosha business do you wish you could bring back?

What now-closed Downtown Kenosha business do you wish you could bring back?

We reached out to Facebook and asked our readers,
“What now-closed Downtown Kenosha business do you wish you could bring back?” Here are a few of the many answers we received. Thank you to everyone who participated.

“Leader Store, JC Penny,
Barden’s, Wooden Nickel,
Woolworths and Kroger
are just a few.” – John Fox

“Cooler Near the Lake!”
– Liz Brandon

“Grand Central.”
– Nadia Ehlers Lpn

“Rave On Music!” – Jason Kent

“Garbs. Always the place to go for that really hard person to buy for. Miss the ‘old’ downtown.”
– Jill Robinson

“NovelTea, the book store and tea shop.” – Cristina Cavallo

“McDonalds that was inside
Lou Perrine’s.” – Vivian Lee

“Something Different. Loved that place for sports items.”
– Dave Knud

“Sommelier – even though I don’t drink anymore. Eclectic Angel is missed desperately. The Nook.”
– Melissa Pegues
“Furr By Us.” – Carrie Szulczewski

“Morrison’s. My mom always took me there for my dresses. I would love to have a place like that to take my daughter and recreate traditions.” – Nikki Cooper

“The Orpheum.” – Gypsy Cyn

“My Place Cafe, Down the Rabbit Hole, Eclectic Angel, Orpheum Theater.” – Ruthy A Christy

“Carols Coffee Connection and Moe’s.” – Matt Glaman

“Hungry Head.”
– Matilda Suckleworth

“Definitely Grand Central! They were so kool, had a great
selection of albums, and just a chill vibe whenever you shopped there.” – Laurel Paschke

“Mader’s Shoes, Bisno’s Clothing, Krinker’s Hallmark.”
– Shelley Maurer

“Paperazzi, Mangia, Forever Christmas, The Barber Pole.”
– Laura Tyunaitis

“Jax Boutique!!! They had such beautiful clothing, handbags & jewelry! I was so sad to learn they had closed.” – Elisa Ann

“Mike’s Chicken and Donuts.” – Dustin Wamboldt

“Woolworths. I liked the lunch counter, riding the escalator and the photo booth!”
– Donna Ruffalo-Juzwik

“Becker Cigar Store! My dad and grandpa owned it and my brother and I have so many memories from our childhood there.” – Robin Swartz

“The Nook.”
– Rachel Young-Sipos

“The Place nightclub on 56th by the courthouse. Very cool old school nightclub that had
entertainment as well.”
– Jerry Markiewicz

“Mangia.” – Kevin Ervin

“Furr by Us for sure! The Accent Shoppe, and I did like Slice of NY,  the pizza anyway.”
– Ravin Riutta

“Barden’s, the original Pazzo, Garbs, Bidingers, Office Outfitters, My Place Cafe, Woolworths.”
– Maria Caravati

“Not out of business, but Marina Garden needs to bring back late night hours!”
– Jake Kornelik

“One Sweet Dream, The Hungry Head, Leaders Store.” – Larry Zamba

“Furr by Us and
Crazy Daisy.”
– Melanie Becker Hovey

“I miss Robin’s Nest sooooooo bad!” – Laura Cox


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