JUST THE FAX, MA’MA by Ben Trecroci

JUST THE FAX, MA’MA by Ben Trecroci

When was the last time you sat down and talked to someone? Think about it…I bet it’s been longer than you think. Between just about everything being online, cloud-based, Zoom calls etc, etc and oh yeah that whole Covid situation doing business person to person is almost a lost art .

Here at Trecroci Realty,however, we tend to enjoy talking to you and your family in person in our office as you are about to make one of the biggest decisions in your life in Buying or Selling your home!

Since 2000 Trecroci Realty has been located in the same spot at 522-56th St Suite 101 and we have seen our fair share of changes through the years. Downtown in 2000 is quite different from what it is today and as the saying goes, some of you weren’t around then and it shows!  (I kid,I kid)

Back in 2000, email and the internet was fairly new and almost everything occurred in person with the occasional screech of Dial-Up for faxing. Documents were hand-delivered or signed in person, there was no DocuSign on AOL back then kids!

While our office can handle any type of transaction, there is nothing better than personal-interaction.

Would you rather have a contract sent to you via email or have someone with years of experience answer any questions you might have?

So stop in anytime and let us solve your real estate needs, our only concern is satisfying you! There is nothing too small or too big to sell.  

Finally, as an added bonus of doing business in our office there is a very strong possibility of a frozen pizza sizzling and/or multiple snacks on hand to munch on as discussing real estate can make you really hungry…Just remember no pizza sauce on the documents!

Written by Ben Trecroci
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